Agro Industrial Attachment (AIA)


Agro Industrial Attachment (AIA): as per the syllabus of 5th Dean Committee of ICAR

Eligibility: B. Sc. – Agriculture / Or any one who interested

Duration: 03 Weeks – as per the Syllabus of ICAR

Admission: Through out the year

Registration fee: 500/- INR

Course Fees: 2500/- INR

Course Content:

Organic-Natural Farming: Introduction and Principles of Organic and Natural Farming, Green Manuring, Cover Crops, Crop Rotation, Rebuilding Soil Health, Vermicomposting, NADEP Composting, integrated Weed Management, Home Made Fertilizers, Preparation of Natural Insecticide, Fungicide and Fertilizers etc.

Bee Keeping: Introduction, History and Different Species of Bees, Bee Biology, Life Cycle, Bee Science and Society, Tools and Equipment, Seasonal Management of Bees, Bee Flora and Floral Calendar, Artificial Feeding, Swarming and Absconding, Bee Dance and Honey Extraction, Enemies and Disease.

Mushroom Cultivation: Cultivation Technology of Button, Oyster, Milky and Medicinal Mushroom with Insect and Disease Management

For more detail call us/ what’s app us on: 9548055290

Indian Academy of Rural Development (IARD)

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