Experimental Learning Program (ELP)

Student Experimental Learning Program as per the syllabus of 5th Dean Committee of ICAR

This program will be undertaken by the students preferably during the eighth semester with a weightage of 0+20 credit hours. The students will register for any of two modules, listed below, of 0+10 credit hours each.

1. Mushroom Cultivation Technology
2. Soil, Plant, Water and Seed Testing
3. Food Processing
4. Bee Keeping
5. Organic Production Technology

Eligibility: B. Sc. (H) Agriculture

Duration: As per the Syllabus of ICAR

Registration fee: 500/- INR

Course Fee:

Students may select any one or two module:

ModuleCourse Fee
Soil, Plant, Water and Seed Testing3000/-
Mushroom Cultivation Technology1450/-
Bee Keeping1450/-
Organic Production Technology1450/-
Food Processing1450/-

Admission: When Required, as per the syllabus of different Universities (07 Semester / or/ 08 Semester)

Course Overview:

The word ‘experiential’ essentially means that learning and development are achieved through personally determined experience and involvement, rather than on received teaching or training, typically in group, by observation, study of theory or hypothesis, and bring in innovation or some other transfer of skills or knowledge. Experiential learning is a business curriculum-related endeavour which is interactive. EL is for building (or reinforcing) skills in project development and execution, decisionmaking, individual and team coordination, approach to problem solving, accounting, marketing and resolving conflicts, etc. The programme has end to end approach. Carefully calibrated activities move participants to explore and discover their own potential. Both activities and facilitation play a critical role in enhancing team performance.

Indian Academy of Rural Development (IARD)

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