Mushroom Cultivation

Short Term Training on Mushroom Cultivation (MC)

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Eligibility: Any one who Interested

Duration: 02 Days/ 07 Days/ 15 Days/ 90 Days

Admission: Open Through out the Year

Fees: 02 Days – 950/- INR

07 Days – 1450/- INR

15 Days – 1950/- INR

90 Days – 4500/- INR

Course Overview:

Mushroom cultivation represents one of the economically viable processes for the bioconversion of agricultural and agro-industrial wastes into protein rich food making it a potent weapon against malnutrition in developing countries like India, which consume lowest per capita protein in the world. Edible mushroom production represented an attractive method of improving the nutritional quality of lingo cellulosic wastes.

Course Content:

  1. Importance of mushroom cultivation.
  2. Mushrooms and sustainable livelihoods.
  3. Essentials of mushroom cultivation.
  4. Marketing strategies
  5. Technical support and training in cultivation and 
  6. Cultivation Technology of Oyster, Button and Milky 
  7. Hands on training on Oyster Mushroom Cultivation
  8. Business and entrepreneurial skills.
  9. Economic viability.

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