RAWE, AIA, Plant Clinic and Unit Attachment

Student Rural and Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana (READY) Program as per the syllabus of 5th Dean Committee of ICAR

Eligibility: B. Sc. (H) Agriculture

Duration: As per the Syllabus of ICAR

1. Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE)- 08 Weeks

2. AIA – 03 Weeks

3. Plant Clinic – 02 Weeks

4. Unit Attachment – 05 Weeks

Admission: When Required, as per the syllabus of different Universities (07 Semester / or/ 08 Semester)

Registration fee: 500/- INR

Course Fee:

1. RAWE, AIA, Plant Clinic & Unit Attachment (Complete Program)6,000/- INR

2. Only RAWE – 3000/- INR

3. Only AIA – 1450/- INR

4. Only Plant Clinic – 1450/- INR

5. Only Unit Attachment – 1450/- INR

Course Overview:

The Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) programme is a flagship activity for the final year B.Sc. (Ag.) students during the last semester. Building self-confidence in the agricultural graduates by honing their professional skills is the key objective of introducing RAWE at the under graduate level by ICAR. During the village stay, the students stay along the rural households for a fortnight, which provides a rare opportunity to rediscover the farmers. Besides acquiring first hand field experience, the RAWE modules bring about positive changes in the students’ mindset, outlook, personality traits, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Course Content:

  1. Village Attachment/ Socio-Economic Study
  2. Agronomical Interventions
  3. Plant Protection Interventions  
  4. Soil Improvement Interventions
  5. Fruit and Vegetable Production Interventions
  6. Food Processing and Storage Interventions
  7. Animal Production Interventions
  8. Extension and Transfer of Technology Activities

Other Components as per the Syllabus of HNBGU and SDSUV

  1. Mushroom Cultivation 
  2. Food Processing – Value addition
  3. Plant Health Clinic
  4. Organic Farming
  5. Agri Business Management (ABM)
  6. Apiculture / Bea Keeping
  7. Attachment with Agriculture Research Centre

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Indian Academy of Rural Development (IARD)

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